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In the past, unless they or a loved one were in need, people never gave much thought to bail bonds. Los Angeles residents, New Yorkers and small-town folk alike only learned the process of dealing with a bondsman when they found themselves charged with crimes and unable to pay bail. Today, the glamorization of this industry and its professionals such as Dog the Bounty Hunter, has made more people aware of what happens in this process. Additionally, more and more people are learning that they can find the right security agent for them through

Obviously television producers are going for sensation to capture audiences. Bounty hunters do serve an important purpose. When a bondsman puts up security for someone to keep them out of jail, they risk losing money if that person doesn’t show up for court. They will often hire a bounty hunter - also known as a fugitive recovery agent - to find this person and bring them into custody so they can get their money back. Is it always as sensational as what you see on Dog the Bounty Hunter? No, but most good bounty hunters are usually kept busy.

When an individual is charged with a crime, the judge may set a bail amount according to the seriousness of the charge. This allows the person to stay out of jail while awaiting trial. If the defendant doesn’t have the cash, he will often turn to a bondsman. For a fee that is usually a percentage of the security amount, the bondsman will sign a surety agreement with the court. This agreement states that the bondsman will forfeit the entire amount of bail to the court if the defendant doesn’t appear on the assigned court date. Clearly, bondsmen seek to protect their investments.

Though the Dog the Bounty Hunter show seems to depict bounty hunting as always exciting and glamorous, the truth is that the work can be tedious. Bail-skippers are usually tracked down through computer searches and a lot of footwork instead of dramatic chases. The good side to the public watching this type of show, though, is that people learn that bondsmen do not take losing their money lightly. Even though they have to lose some of their profits to bounty hunters, it is better than getting nothing at all - and most bounty hunters are good at what they do. The industry will go on as always, but bondsmen appreciate the fact that more people than ever know it’s a serious business. Bail-skippers beware!

When they find themselves in need of bail bonds, Los Angeles residents and people throughout the U.S. can find the nearest bondsman through Things are difficult enough for you right now if you’ve been charged with a crime. Let us make it easier!

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