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10 Ways To Avoid Arrest

Avoid Arrest

We all know there are numerous ways in life to be arrested, however, by using common sense and removing yourself from compromising situations you can easily avoid the hassle of being arrested. AboutBail provides a list of ten simple ways to avoid arrest.

By simply following the list below, you could avoid arrest. Additionally, you could be spared paying legal fees to attorneys or bail bond agents, the loss of time on your job, or even loss of your job. Here are 10 ways to avoid arrest:

  1. Driving: Never drink and drive. By getting a cab or a designated driver at the end of the night, you will never have to risk being pulled over and receiving a DUI, or worse getting into an accident and possibly taking some one’s life. Also, don’t leave any illegal items in your car in case of being pulled over and having your car impounded; this can be costly and also rack up multiple charges in your name.
  2. Stay at Home: If you know ahead of time that there may be a disturbance or volatile situation at a location you are thinking of going - don’t. By staying at home, there is more than a good chance that you will not be arrested. If there is suspicion that something bad may occur, just simply stay and enjoy a nice relaxing evening at home. In the morning, you might thank yourself for making the right decision.
  3. Weapons: Avoid being arrested by knowing what laws your state has in place for possessing a weapon. Make sure you register all guns and weapons in your name while following the proper procedures. Also, make sure you understand the laws in your state regarding carrying a weapon. Many states have different definitions of what constitutes a weapon, and researching laws and regulations for specific weapons can save you some time in the court room.
  4. Warrants: Make sure you pay all fines and show up to any court dates associated with a ticket issued in your name. Once you have been charged with a crime or offense, make sure to follow through with the appropriate steps required of you. By avoiding or ignoring a ticket or payment towards an offense, a warrant for your arrest may be issued. Never ignore these, they won’t ever go away and they will always get worse with time.
  5. Drinking: When drinking publicly, make sure you are in control of the situation. The police hate to deal with sloppy, obnoxious drunks who are causing a disturbance. If you have been drinking and are in a public place, do not get involved with any disturbance or argument around you. Being unruly while drunk will only get you a quick trip to the drunk tank for the night, or a charge for a crime that could have easily been avoided in the first place.
  6. Drugs: Keep all prescription drugs in the proper container they were dispensed in. Do not mix or consolidate different medications within one container; by doing this it will only create more suspicion on the police officer’s part, and cause you a bigger headache. Next, traffic violations with drugs involved is never a good idea. Make sure you know what is being held in your car at all times, because even a passenger carrying substances can result in multiple fines and trouble with the law.
  7. Resisting Arrest: Never get physical with a police officer! This will always get you in trouble and more than likely multiple offenses that were not necessary in the first place. By resisting arrest, police are only going to make the process more difficult for you to get through. If you are arrested and don’t agree with the terms of your arrest, always go through the proper channels at the police station to file a complaint against an officer.
  8. Speeding/Minor Traffic Infractions: By simply going the speed limit and following traffic laws, a large majority of crimes and infractions can be avoided. Many police will find crimes being committed only because they were pulled over for running a red light or stop sign. To avoid being arrested or gaining more charges, just follow traffic laws.
  9. Don’t Steal: Shoplifting is a surefire way to be put behind bars. Today, many stores and businesses have advanced security measures in order to prevent merchandise loss. If you cannot afford a specific item at a particular time, stop and think about if you really need it or if you are putting yourself and your life at risk. Stealing even the smallest item in a store can cost you time and money that you didn’t have in the first place.
  10. Use Common Sense: If you are ever in a situation where you feel something is not right, or something wrong is taking place, walk away. By simply removing yourself from these situations, you can save yourself money, pride, time and embarrassment. Always be respectful to police and others that have control of the law. You never know when these situations will happen, but when they do make sure you are in control and know how to react in an appropriate way.

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