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Bail Blotter: Prosecutors Do Not Support Bail Bond Reform

Each week AboutBail combs the web for the latest and most interesting industry news stories to bring you the Weekly Bail Blotter.

Prosecutors Do Not Support Bail Bond Reform

OLYMPIA, WA -- Washington legislators are expected to speak today about suggestions for changing Washington state’s bail bond system. However, an organization of police officers and some prosecutors are opposing the reform, stating that the measure is a concern because it does not require defendants to put down any minimum amount or collateral before being bailed out.
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Bounty Hunter Shot

WICHITA, KS -- Bounty Hunter William Poyner was shot in the back during a disagreement this week and police are searching for the man suspected in the attack. Poyner has undergone surgery and is in stable condition. Poyner and three other bounty hunters were at a home in search of a woman wanted on a warrant. The family at the home where the bounty hunters believed the woman might be refused to let the bounty hunters search the home. A disagreement erupted and one of the bondsmen used pepper spray. The altercation continued outside, and one of the bondsman used a Taser after someone threw a piece of concrete at the bondsmen. Eventually, someone pulled out a gun and shot Poyner. Poyner was rushed to the hospital.  He was the only bounty hunter injured. Police are still investigating the incident.
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Civil Rights Bondsman Honored

WASHINGTON, DC -- James "Alley Pat" Patrick worked in radio and also worked as a bondsman, bailing out civil rights activists who were put in jail. As a result of his work as a bondsman, Patrick has been named as one of the recipients of the Martin Luther King Drum Majors for Service Awards. During his days as a bondsman, Patrick had many clients in Jim Crow areas, including Martin Luther King Jr.  Patrick turned 92 in December.
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Court Rules in Case of Bondsman Fees

DENTON, TX -- Vic and Eydie Burgess and Denton county have been involved in a lawsuit over the $60 fees charged against bounty hunters for notifications. The notifications are sent to bondsmen by district clerks and county clerks when a client misses a court date. According to some sources, the extra fees bring the county roughly $360,000. Now, a second Court of Appeals has ruled in favor of Vic and Eydie Burgess. County officials are expected to keep fighting the issue.
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