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10 Phone Etiquette Mistakes Your Bail Agency Should Avoid

  • September 11, 2018
  • AboutBail Staff

Answering and making calls is an important element of business, and every bail bond agency should understand that they are judged by their phone etiquette. It may seem basic, but it is absolutely crucial that you put your best …

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8 Tips for a Bail Agency Slogan

  • July 11, 2018
  • AboutBail Staff

Most bail agents are somewhat known for creative and innovative marketing strategies. Incorporating a slogan can help agencies showcase their brand.

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Information to Collect From Every Bail Applicant

  • May 14, 2018
  • Jason Pollock

As long as you can verify that it is true, the more information you gather about an applicant, the better off you will be. You should always collect the following information from every single applicant, specifically to help …

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10 Types of Collateral and Tips to Secure It

  • April 11, 2018
  • Jason Pollock

Securing collateral is a protective measure specifically geared towards preventing bail bond companies from suffering financial losses. Bail agents should secure something of significant value from their clients, to hold as …

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How to Testify at a Bail Reduction Hearing

  • February 14, 2018
  • AboutBail Staff

There are times when a potential client's bail amount is so high that he and his family can not pay the premium or provide the necessary collateral. The only way the defendant is going to make bail is for the bail amount to be …

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How to Locate Fugitives with Social Media

  • December 13, 2017
  • AboutBail Staff

How to Locate Fugitives with Social Media. Social networking has become an especially useful tool for bail agents who stand to lose money if they can't locate their skip. Some fugitives will leave town and remove nearly all …

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