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8 Tips for a Bail Agency Slogan

Bail Agent Marketing SloganMost bail agents are somewhat known for creative and innovative marketing strategies. As seen in logos, commercials, and social media promotions, bail agents are comfortable thinking outside the box. With business cards, letterhead and company pens and coasters it may seem that there’s plenty of marketing material to go around, but many bail agents overlook the opportunity in having a catchy slogan for their business. Incorporating a tagline can help make your business unforgettable. 

Why slogans are important

Slogans allow brands and services to expand on what their company has to offer. A catchy slogan also increases a person’s likelihood to remember and desire a product or service. Bail agencies can utilize a slogan to showcase their company focus and ensure that they are remembered. Just as Wheaties brands themselves the breakfast of champions bail agents can reinforce their brand name with a slogan.

Creating a slogan for your bail agency

As an important aspect of branding your agency, creating a slogan can present some challenges. Bail agents don’t have the luxury that other products and services have because there is not always an immediate need on the client’s part. Bail clients often come in two forms: future client and immediate client. Since you must balance the difference between clients who are in immediate need of bail and those that might not utilize your service until a later date, it’s crucial that bail agents create a slogan that is strong and memorable.

Here are 8 tips for writing a bail agency slogan:

  1. Showcase what sets your agency apart from others
    A slogan is a great way to expand on why a potential client should choose your company. Highlight what sets your agency apart from others whether it’s professionalism, patience or experience.
  2. Reinforce your agency name
    Los Angeles bail agency and AboutBail member Lipstick Bail Bonds brands their company with several slogans, including Contact Us & Kiss Jail Goodbye. Using a slogan to reinforce the name of your agency can give potential clients a laugh and make your agency memorable.
  3. Borrow from the bail process
    Get inspired by looking at the process of a person getting bailed out of jail and the thought process the indemnitor will go through. Identify opportunities to capitalize on what the person contacting you might experience as well as their emotional response to the situation.
  4. Connect with the customer
    Consider the clients who contact your agency for bail. Examine the majority of your client-base including their age, location, interests and what brings them to your office. By educating yourself on what your clients have in common you have a better idea of what will and will not be effective when it comes to your slogan.
  5. Be mindful of the length
    Don’t be afraid to make your slogan a few short words or a full sentence, but if you go for a longer tagline make sure every word is important. Often times what you choose to highlight will dictate how long your slogan is.
  6. Be catchy
    Slogans should flow and be pleasing to read and hear. Rhymes, rhythm, and repetition can help a customer remember your company name, and if your agency advertises through television or radio commercials consider the potential for your slogan to evolve into a jingle.
  7. Use a call to action
    Just as Nike commands people to Just Do It, a slogan is a great way to tell customers to take action. In a bail agent’s case, a call to action will be a phrase that instructs and encourages the person to pick up the phone and call your agency.
  8. Allow your slogan to change
    Take a cue from the United States Army’s array of slogans. What started as I Want You! and grew to Be All That You Can Be is now An Army of One. The military branch has allowed their slogans to evolve over time, and yours might too. As your agency evolves and inspiration for a new slogan arises, don’t be afraid to make a change.

Coming up with a slogan can be a daunting process, but if you take the time to consider who your clients are, what is most desirable about your agency’s services and how you can incorporate your existing brand you will likely find success in creating your slogan.

Test your slogan

Hopefully, you’ll develop a few strong slogans to choose from. To get a better feel for what will work best, try posting a poll on your Facebook fan page and asking your fans to vote for their favorite, or use the opportunity to reconnect with past clients. Getting the input of people outside of your agency can help you gauge how effective your tagline will be. 


Remember, a slogan doesn’t have to be witty or funny to be effective. Showcasing professionalism or highlighting a focus on customer service can be just as powerful as a slogan that’s short and witty. Once you’ve selected your slogan, make sure you add it to all marketing collateral including business cards, letterhead and promotional products like bags and keychains.

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