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7 Quick Marketing Tips for Your Bail Agency

Creative Bail MarketingFor veteran bail agents and industry newcomers, getting your business name in front of potential clients might be a one of your major goals for this year. There are a number of ways to connect with a new client base, but to help your agency stand out from the rest consider incorporating some creative marketing tactics.

Introductory marketing involves reaching out to individuals and potential clients that are not yet aware of your business, and sometimes the more creative your agency is the more memorable it will be.

Here are 7 creative marketing tips for bail agents:

  1. Sponsor a local athletic team
    High schools, colleges and even recreational leagues are always looking for sponsors. Consider donating uniforms, towels, water bottles or other equipment with your logo on it. Not only will this introduce your company to a variety of individuals but it will also help your agency establish itself as a community leader.
  2. Giveaways
    People love free stuff: t shirts, stickers, beer mugs, coasters, bottled water, pens, keychains, mousepads - you name it! To help get your agency’s name out there, have your logo and tagline printed on a variety of products and take them to local businesses. You can drop off pens at offices, t shirts and beer mugs at college campuses and coasters at local restaurants and bars. Hand out logo'd water bottles on a busy street corner in the summer. Be mindful of what establishments you choose however, as you don’t want to find yourself in a situation where your agency is soliciting bail.
  3. Run a creative social media campaign
    Social media continues to play a large role in bail agent advertising with each passing year. Your company should have an active online presence and engage with other industry members and potential clients across multiple social media platforms. Considering running a contest, debuting bail news and offering your company’s input on high-profile bail amounts to help create brand awareness.
  4. Run targeted Facebook ads
    While billboards only target a specific area and television or radio ads target a semi-specific listener bracket, Facebook’s new targeted social media ads are a great way to pinpoint your exact target market and reach out to it directly. These ads allow companies to select a specific set of individuals based on what’s included in their profile, i.e. age, occupation, location, interests. Having the ability to narrow down your target market so specifically and accurately can make for an incredibly effective social media marketing campaign.  
  5. Write an informative article about bail
    Nobody knows the bail industry better than bail agents themselves. Many websites offer guest blogging opportunities in exchange for mention of your company’s business in the author bio. Articles that focus on how bail works and explaining the process can help your agency build trust with potential clients before they even call. If you’re not sure how to get started guest blogging, send an email to [email protected]
  6. Sponsor a raffle at a community event
    Donating a prize for a drawing, raffle or other contest can help you reach out at a community event. In exchange for the donation, ask for a few minutes to talk or to hang a sponsorship banner wherever there will be speakers or live music. 
  7. Keep in touch with past clients
    With recidivism at such a high rate keeping up with past clients can be a good way to maintain a solid book of business. Consider offering t shirts, coffee mugs and other items sporting your logo to clients. Combining great customer service with this type of branding can help your agency build repeat clients.

Bail agents have many opportunities to create brand awareness, especially if their efforts become newsworthy. Adding some innovative introduction strategies to your agency’s marketing plan can help you reach out to a larger and sometimes more specific client-base. Whether you choose from these strategies or incorporate others, with a little creativity your agency is sure to garner new business.

Share your creative marketing story

AboutBail will be recognizing bail agents for their creative marketing campaigns in a future article, and we’re looking for submissions. If your company has experienced success with innovative marketing or if there’s a crazy strategy you’ve always wanted to try, send your story to [email protected]

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