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Top Bail Enforcement Training Programs

Top Bail Enforcement Training ProgramsWhether you are a seasoned bail enforcement agent or just beginning your career, a professional fugitive recovery training program can be useful. However, deciding to enroll in a program is a much easier decision to make than selecting the right program for your needs. There are a number of  bail enforcement training programs that provide training in the field and it is challenging to decipher which ones meet your personal  needs.

The team at reviewed bail enforcement training programs across the nation and included them based on certain criteria: setting (classroom vs. online), length of program, arms training, personal safety curriculum, marketing/networking and teacher credentials. Ultimately we decided only to feature programs that are taught in a classroom.

Here are the Top Bail Enforcement Training Programs:

Southern Missouri Judicial Services

Missouri 24 Hour Bail Bond/Surety Recovery Basic Training - Cost: $215
The Southern Missouri Judicial Services offers several Bail Bond/ Surety Recovery Training programs. There are courses for beginners as well as licensed,experienced bail agents. Courses are  24 hours long and the  basic training course is required before a student can apply for their Missouri Bail Bond/Surety Recovery License.

Click here for additional information on the Southern Missouri Judicial Services training program. 

Track Down Services

Fugitive Recovery Seminar - Cost: $550
Track Down Services located in Reading, PA offers comprehensive Fugitive Investigation Training. Over a total classroom time of 24 hours, students learn the basics of the bail bond industry, learn up-to-date tactics and gain hands on training with licensed agents and learn how to get business in this market. Graduates of this program receive a certificate of completion.

Click here for additional information Track Down Services and their training program.  

Center for Protection, Security, and Personal Safety

Bail Enforcement Agent - Cost: $750
Center for Protection, Security, and Professional Safety was founded by Edward Becher, who saw a training need for those working in the industry. The 40 hour training program for fugitive recovery training teaches the basics of the process including: bail law, legal considerations, agent survival, defense tactics, interviewing, surveillance as well as Internet and court research.

Click here for additional information on the Michigan Security Training programs.

The Bail Enforcement Academy

Bail Enforcement Fugitive Recovery Training - Cost: $550
The Bail Enforcement Academy in Tacoma, WA has been training Bail Agents for 13 years. The thorough, three module curriculum touches on all aspects of the bail industry and is taught over three months. The third module focuses on career implementation and networking, for long term success. Graduates from this program go on to become successful bail agents capable of being trusted with larger bonds and gain a network of licensed legal professionals.

Click here for additional information on The Bail Enforcement Academy

Bounty Hunter Training
The Online Bounty Hunter Training program offered by offers the same comprehensive curriculum as is offered in their three day training course in Pensacola, FL. The program focuses on how new technology can help bail enforcement agents find bail-secured fugitives. Successful graduates will receive a two year membership in the National Security Investigators Network.

Click here for additional information on the Bounty Hunter Training Program.

California Bail Education School

Bounty Hunting Training - Cost: $380
The California Bail Education School offers the following courses: Bounty Hunter Training, Bail Agent Pre-Licensing class, Bail Agent Continuing Education and Bounty Hunter Taser Certification. These courses are taught by experienced members of the bail industry and prepare students for the Department of Insurance’s licensing exam and a career as a bounty hunter or bail agent. The bounty hunter training course includes time in the field where trainees go out to pick up real fugitives.

Click here for additional information about the California Bail Education School.

The Bail Bond Recovery Agent Training Center

Bail Enforcement - Cost: $600
The Bail Bond Recovery Agent Training Center offers a 36 hour course on Bail Enforcement in Olympia, WA. The courses are taught by practicing bail agents and legal professionals and will prepare students for becoming bail recovery agents in the state of Washington.

Click here for additional information about The Bail Bond Recovery Agent Training Center.

JFM Associates Training Academy

Bail Enforcement Agent Class - Cost: $350
The Bail Enforcement Agent Criminal Justice Certification offers students a 20+ hour in classroom training plus optional field training. The program was designed for trainees seeking a licensee in Connecticut. A certificate of Bail Enforcement Agent course completion is given to students upon completion of the course.

Click here for additional information on the JFM Associates Training Academy 

Fugitive Recovery Training

Fugitive Recovery Agent - Cost: $449
This Fugitive Recovery Training program in Harrisburg, PA is taught by legal and law enforcement specialists. The three to four day program teaches students the latest techniques in fugitive recovery and prepares them to become professionals. This program focuses heavily on tactical training and less on the laws and ethics of fugitive recovery.  Graduates of this program will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Click here for additional information on the Fugitive Recovery Training program.

Damon Finch Power Sessions

Fugitive Recovery Agent Course - Cost: $450
Damon Finch’s 25 hour Bail Enforcement Agent Course in New York State prepares students for a career in the bail industry.  The curriculum focuses on law, liability, rights and personal safety. The course prerequisites are the 8 hour and 16 hour New York State courses or New York State Guard License or UID Number.

Click here for additional information on the Damon Finch Power Sessions.

California Bail Enforcement Certification

Bounty Hunter Certification - Cost: $400
Rex Venator, a practicing bail agent, started a string of California training schools for bail agents. The courses offered are Bounty Hunter Training, Fugitive Recovery Training, Bail Agent Pre-licensing and Bail Enforcement Certification. The courses only last one day to two days with a few supplementary courses available online. The program aims to ready students for a successful career in the growing bail industry.

Click here for additional information on the California Bail Enforcement Certification.

Probationary Monitory Services of Arizona

Bounty Hunter Academy - Cost: $410
The Arizona Bounty Hunter Academy’s Fugitive Apprehension Services Training Academy offers a variety of courses and individual classes that are valuable to both beginner and experienced bail enforcement agents. The Basic Bounty Hunter Course is 20 hours long and aims to prepare its students for careers as bail agents.

Click here for additional information on the Probationary Monitory Services of Arizona programs.

New England Institute of Bail Enforcement

The Bail Enforcement Seminar - Cost: $425
The New England Institute of Bail Enforcement offers a 20 hour Bail Enforcement Course at various locations. The curriculum covers the basics to prepare graduates for a career in the bail industry. Students who complete this program will receive a Certification Diploma and be qualified for membership in COBRA, an association of Bail Agents in the U.S.

Click here for additional information on the New England Institute of Bail Enforcement.  

National Institute of Bail Enforcement

Bail Enforcement Training - Cost: $425
The National Institute of Bail Enforcement offers two day training courses across the country that include information about getting into the business, advertising, networking, skip tracing, contracts and more. The course is taught by Scott Olson, an active professional recovery agent with more than 18 years of experience.

Click here for additional information on the National Institue of Bail Enforcement

California Fugitive Recovery Academy

Fugitive Recovery Academy - Cost: $350
The California Fugitive Recovery Academy offers Fugitive Recovery courses throughout California that take place over one weekend. Students will learn the basics of the bail industry and hear from law enforcement agents, lawyers and investigators. There are other classes offered at the California Fugitive Recovery Academy that could go along well with the fugitive recovery course.

Click here for additional information on the California Fugitive Recovery Academy

The American Institute of Bail and Bail Enforcement

Bounty Hunter Training - Cost: $300
The American Institute of Bail and Bail Enforcement offers online courses in Bounty Hunter Training and in Bail Bond Agent Training. The courses were developed in conjunction with the Police Officers Standard  and Training Board. Only residents of the state of Colorado are eligible for the Bail Bond Agent Training course as the Colorado Bail Agent Certification exam is included in the course fee.

Click here for additional information on The American Institute of Bail and Bail Enforcement

Louisiana Educational Services

Bail Bond & Enforcement Agent: Pre-Licensing - Cost: $315
This one day classroom program satisfies the eight hours of pre-licensing as required by the state of Louisiana.

Click here for additional information on Louisiana Educational Services

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Completion of one of these programs may not be necessary to become a bounty hunter, but it will better prepare you for your job and set you apart from the competition. Hopefully one or many of the bail enforcement training programs on this list will help your bail agency get started in fugitive recovery. If you know of a bail enforcement training program that should be on the list, let us know! This list is comprimised exclusively of fugitive recovery institutions, so stay tuned for our top bail training programs.

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