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Bail Agent Marketing Gets an Update With New

AboutBail recently launched a redesigned, sleek website with new features focused on helping bail agents market their businesses and educate potential clients. New profile updates and badges helps network members showcase their companies to potential clients, and a completely revamped help center educates potential clients on how bail bonds work and what they can expect from a bail agent. With significant improvements that increase client interaction, will remain the premier website in the bail bond industry.

New profile features

New features and profile badges will help you stand out amongst your competition. Clients now have the option to filter search results With these badges you can alert potential clients that your company:

Accept Credit Cards - Indicating whether or not you accept credit cards will ensure your clients are prepared with proper payment.

Website Available - Websites are an easy way to establish your company's legitimacy, and adding your website to your profile can increase a potential client's likelihood to choose your business. If you do not already have a bail agent website, you do have options. For a few cost-effective options, check out bail websites

Available 24/7 - Noting in your profile that your agency is available for assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week will help you reach clients that are looking for immediate assistance outside of normal hours.

House Calls Available - For bail agents who have the capability to make house calls, highlighting this badge is important. Potential clients who know they will not be able to meet at the jail or travel to the office can filter results to show only agents that can make house calls.

Payment Plans Available - If your company provides payment plans to clients who cannot afford the entire premium upfront, make sure to highlight this badge.

Se Habla Español  - Designating your company as Spanish-speaking will indicate to potential clients that you can accommodate in the event that they do not speak English fluently. 

Bail Agent Los Angeles

These updates have been made to help your bail agency increase the marketability of your services. Take advantage of these new features by logging into Lawgical and updating your profile. 

In addition to member profile updates, the new Help Center will educate your potential clients on how bail bonds work, how much bail costs and other topics like collateral, court proceedings and criminal defense. With a revamped website and additional marketing products like Lawgical Local and bail agent websites, we look forward to creating more great content and develop tools to further assist the bail industry.

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