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The Bail Bond Premium Calculator: Another Free Tool For Your Website

At, we’re constantly looking for ways to help our network members and bail agents throughout the great U.S. of A. gain more clients and enhance their professional appearance.

Since we’re an Internet-based company, we’re especially keen on offering tools that enhance a bail agent’s web presence - like our recent How Bail Bonds Work video that you can embed on your blog or website.

Our most recent awesome website tool is a Bail Bond Calculator.  This calculator answers the question “How Much Does a Bail Bond Cost”, and is customizable based on your rates. The tool gives you the ability to add tiers for different ranges of the bail premium. It also lets you create a flat-rate premium for the lowest range. For example, if you charge a flat rate of $200 for any bail amount under $1000. 

Why should I use it?

The Bail Bond Calculator is a marketing tool. It shows your clients that your company is innovative, legitimate and professional. Many of your customers are going to be unfamiliar with the bail process; therefore, your website should answer as many questions about bail bonds as possible. Providing them tools like this increases the level of trust and the number of calls your website will generate. 

What does it look like?

Here's the bail calculator I generated in the below video. I set the following pricing tiers:

  • For bonds up to a $1,000 the calculator automatically shows a flat fee of $500
  • For bonds $1,001 - $10,000 it calculates a 12% fee
  • For bonds $10,001 - $100,000 it calculates a 10% fee

How do I put it on my site?

Setting up the Bail Bond Calculator is easy. Just go through a few steps to generate your custom HTML code and place it within the HTML of your web site. Go to the Bail Calculator page for more details, or watch the video I put together here:

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