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25 of the Best In-Costume Mugshots and Arrests

  • October 30, 2014
  • by Kimberly Faber

Happy Halloween, everyone! In celebration of this special holiday we've decided to bring you the best of people getting arrested in costume, with some returning favorites from our list from 2012. Keep reading to see your favorite fairy tale characters, superheroes, fast food mascots, and more getting arrested and booked for their holiday crimes. 

1. It's like the costume maker knew this was going to happen

No, seriously. Look at the face.

2. Maybe this guy should link up with #1

3. Looks like no tickles for this guy

All I hear is his laughter now, and it's getting really creepy.

4. According to our research, an inordinate number of zombies get arrested on Halloween.


5. This gentleman might rethink his costume once he gets into the jail cell . . . 


6. Snow White . . . you are drunk! Too many appletinis?


7. But, Peter, how will we get to Neverland now?


8. Jeez. Walt would be real disappointed in you guys

9. Those were the droids you were looking for! (Note the cop confiscating the storm trooper's weapon)


10. And in other Star Wars news. . .

I'd be willing to bet one hundred gold peggats he'll get deported to Kashyyk.

11. But, it still looks like there may have been a revenge of the Sith.


12. How . . . wait for it . . . trashy!

13. This one actually looks kind of real

14. Isn't Captain America supposed to be a model citizen? 


15. Apparently it's pretty common for super heroes to get arrested.

No hero is safe.

16. Seriously. It happens a lot.

How does this keep happening?


17. Like . . . A LOT A LOT

We are just as shocked as the woman on the left.

18. Luckily the villains are still on the wrong side of the law.


19. This is not Catwoman. Just a sad, sad kitty.


20. But, not the only sad kitty around.

21. Is he . . . smiling?


22. Udderly ridiculous.

Plus one for another terrible pun!


23. Now at the top of the naughty list.


24. Ohhhh. . . Would a Happy Meal will cheer you up, Ronald?


25. Ahh . . . the irony.


. . . And if you do get arrested this Halloween, mind the terms of your bond. You wouldn't want Dog the Bounty Hunter to come looking for you, now would you? 



Happy Halloween from!

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