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Hot Topics in Bail: Christie's Bail Reform, Biggest Complaints About Bail Agents, and more.

Bail agents have a lot to say when they hear the latest news and bail-related information on social media. This week's hot topics include: worst bail bond commercials, three bail agent complaints and how to avoid them, and more. 

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Learn the three-biggest bail agent complaints and how to avoid them

PBUS Bail Agent of the Year Dennis Sew shares the top three compaints she sees with customers and how to respond.

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BailCo Bail Bonds highlights top 9 worst bail bond company commercials

Try not to look away.

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Bail Bondsmen Shot and Killed While Recovering a Skip

David Brickert and Wesley Kampen were murdered in Phoenix last week.

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Celebrity Arrest: Rapper Gucci Mane put in handcuffs

Mane allegedly hit a soldier in the head with champagne bottle in an Atlanta nightclub.

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Bail reform to detain those accused of violent crimes until their trial

Governor Christie is proposing bail reform giving judges the right to detain what he called "violent sociopaths" in jail until the date of their trial.

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