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Hot Topics in Bail: George Zimmerman, Military Vets and Bail Enforcement, Father Helping Son Become Bail Agent, and More

Bail agents are an active group on social media. This week's hot topics include George Zimmerman, military veterans and bail enforcement, a father searching for information to help his son become a bail agent, and more. Here are this week's hot topics in bail:

Bail agents safe after being shot at by homeowners

In what's now being called a shooting standoff, bail bonds agents were shot at by a convicted felon.

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My son is interested in becoming a bail bondsman. What schools will refine his skills?

A father asks the group for advice on what schools would help his son refine his skills in bail bonds and fugitive recovery.

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George Zimmerman released on $9,000 bond

George Zimmerman was released from a Florida jail on a $9,000 bond.


Military veterans transitioning into bail enforcement

A group member raises the question of motivations for joining the industry, particularly discussing military veterans who transition into bail enforcement as a career.


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