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Hot Topics in Bail: Bondsman Impersonates Competitor, From Teen Mom to Bail Agent, and More

Bail agents are an active group on social media. This week's hot topics include from teen mom to successful bail bondsman, a bondsman's attempt to steal a competitor's client, stupid things defendants say to bail agents, and more. Here are this week's hot topics in bail:

Busy Mom Enjoys Success Working as Bail Bondsman

This Oklahoma mother of four enjoys running a successful bail bonds business from her home. Learn more about her journey from a teen mom to self-employed businesswoman.

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Has anyone ever had another bondsman try to impersonate you to steal a client?

Group member Michelle Garner shared that when a client walked into another bondsman's office by mistake, the other bondsman claimed to be the owner of Garner's company.

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Top 10 Stupidest Things People Say To Bail Enforcement Agents

Defendants say the dardest things when they get arrested for failure to appear.


Are bondsmen still accept payment plans?

A group member asks whether payment plans are worth the aggravation and if they are usually associated with higher failure to appeal rates.


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