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5 Ways to Market Your Bail Agency Using Pinterest

Pinterest is now four years old, but compared to other social networks, it’s still relatively young. That’s why it’s surprising how popular and effective the platform can be for marketing. Within 2 years of its launch, Pinterest had amassed more than 10 million users. Its user base grew faster than any other social network had experience before. Today, Pinterest is capable of garnering more referral traffic than any other network out there.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run, you must first understand how to take advantage of Pinterest before it can benefit you. When it comes to running a bail bonds agency, you must know how to adapt your own brand of business and marketing strategies for the platform.


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To help out, we’re going to discuss some of the most beneficial ways bail bonds agencies can use Pinterest to their advantage.

1. Pin Engaging Content

Surely you’ve heard of producing engaging content for a blog, right? This is the same basic concept, except you’re pinning said content via Pinterest. Most users that are unable to find success on the platform just haven’t been focusing on the proper niche.

As a bail bonds agency, it may or may not be a little more difficult finding the appropriate niche. Make use of attractive imagery, memes and infographics to get your viewers interested.

The sky is the limit here, but really you just want to offer enough to your audience so that they keep coming back.

2. Link Your Website to Pinterest and Vice Versa

In order to convert sales leads into actual income, you will need to entice your Pinterest audience to visit your company website. From there, you can collect contact information and offer exclusive content which can be used to further bolster your customer base. To do that, you will need to link your Pinterest account to your website. Ensure that you implement some “pin it” buttons on your site, whether it’s for content or images. The sharing buttons will allow your website visitors to share content on their own Pinterest boards and it will also make it easier for you to share content to your own account.

Furthermore, if you verify your connected website with Pinterest you can gain access to free analytics tools. The tools can help you determine which of your pins are the most popular, who is re-sharing the content and even what types of content are most effective.

3. Interact With the Community

Let’s be real here, Pinterest is still a social network which means that in order to see the most success on the platform you need to interact with the rest of the community. When someone comments on one of your pins, reply to them. When someone re-pins your content, thank them for doing so. Don’t hesitate to re-pin and share content from other accounts either. It’s courteous and it will encourage other users to do the same with your own pins.

Build a sincere relationship with your followers and take advantage of every opportunity to interact with others. After all, that’s exactly why social networks were created in the first place.

4. Brand or Watermark Your Pins

You don’t need to do anything elaborate, but a small logo or watermark in one of the corners will work just fine. That way, when others are re-pinning your images and content, the audience can see where it came from. Not to mention, if you have the logo for your bail bonds agency spread across the network, you’ll see an even greater chance that customers will come to you in a time of need. Think of it as a more viral or crowd-sourced form of advertising.

5. Organize Your Pinterest Board

Don’t just randomly throw together content and pins. Put together a clear and concise Pinterest board, so that when people view your profile they will know what they are looking at. For example, create different themed boards and pin regularly to each of them.

You could have a board dedicated common bail myths and another outlining the services that your company offers. To interact with the community, you could also create another themed board that allows you to pin content from other users and accounts. The point is that it should all be separated and organized neatly.

About the Author:

Courtney Gordner is a journalist/blogger who has a passion for Internet marketing. This article was written on behalf of Rahaim & Saints.

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