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Hot Topics in Bail: Bail Association Threatens to Stop Writing Bonds, Beth Chapman Speaks Against NJ Bail Reform, Electronic Monitoring as Incarceration Alternative

Bail agents are an active group on social media. This week's hot topics include a dispute between a bail association and city court, reasons not to date a bounty hunter, Beth Chapman standing up against New Jersey bail reform, electronic monitoring as an alternative to incarceration, and more. Here are this week's hot topics in bail: 

Bail Bondsmen Seek Answers for New Fees

A disagreement between a local bail association and a City Court administrator has lead bail bondsmen threating to stop posting bonds and leaving inmates locked up. Find out why.

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Top 5 Reasons Not To Date A Bondsman

“But mostly it’s about the job, the crazy hours we work, the fact that we’re open 24-7 and how we feel about running off to post bail bonds on a holiday.”

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Beth Chapman Fights New Jersey Bail Reform

The general response from agents has been that, although they are not fans of the show, they appreciate her speaking up for the industry.


State Eyes Electronic Monitoring as an Alternative to Incarceration

This article and audiocast makes a lot of promising statements about electronic monitoring, but one bondsman points out they should review the failures of electronic monitoring before moving forward.


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