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Hot Topics in Bail: Washington Jail Accepting Credit Cards, Violent Confrontations Rare, New Jersey Reform

Bail agents are an active group on social media. This week's hot topics include a controversial editorial on New Jersey bail reform, bondsmen share that violent confrontations are rare, effects of increased PR bonds, and more. Here are this week's hot topics in bail: 

Bail Bondsmen Say Violent Confrontations are Rare

Following news of a deadly shootout when confronting a bail jumper, a local news station speaks with bondsmen to discover that the real work is not usually violent and nothing like what you see on Dog the Bounty Hunter.

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Washington Jail Now Accepts Credit Cards

One group member shares this news and asks a big question: who is benefiting from this "convenience"?

Comments range from "Sounds like probably only a skip would really benefit" to "As the guy that filed the recent Ohio Supreme Court case I can tell you why nothing gets done on these issues as a whole, the fact that their is no unity whatsoever in the bail business."

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Bell County Bail Bond Companies Feeling the Effects from Too Many Recognizance Bonds

The use of personal recognizance bonds in a number of instances has left a local bond company feeling the dip in business. The article dives into the effectiveness and makes some great points as to the benefits of private bail.


Controversial Editorial on New Jersey Bail Reform

With legislation signed to reform has erupted some controversy, however this editorial has sparked some debate amongst the community as far as misconceptions about private bail go. One bondsman comments, " I still think everyone is looking past the big picture of who will go hunt down the ones that fail to appear in court? Bail bondsman and at not cost to tax payers."


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