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6 Ways to Market Your Bail Bond Agency

  • October 09, 2017
  • by Paul Faust
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Today’s digital environment is increasingly competitive for small business owners, and that presents both a challenge and an opportunity. The challenge is that it’s easier for prospective clients to compare offerings online with just a couple of clicks. The opportunity is that social media has made it easier than ever before for businesses to get the word out and to distinguish themselves from their competitors.

If bail bond agents are willing to take the time to learn more new marketing tools and to then put the effort into following through, the payoffs can be substantial. Here are some new ways, as well as a few tried and true techniques, to generate new business.

Connect with Clients and References

People won’t necessarily come back to you or recommend your services because they’ve done so in the past. There are a lot of competing agencies out there, so it’s critical that you discover what your closest contacts like (and don’t like) about your business.

You can create profiles based on past clients and referral sources and then develop and execute marketing campaigns aimed directly at each segment. Make sure that you keep those profiles active and up to date. As you find out more information about the people in your database improve and optimize your campaigns.

Focus on your Brand

You may have a competitive edge, but that doesn’t matter if people don’t know how to get in touch with you. Many business owners continue to use phone numbers, email addresses and website names that are just too difficult to remember.

It sounds simple, but it really is amazing how many people forget: don’t make getting in touch with you a research project. Think about using a branded vanity phone number or a local number that includes a word or a memorable sequence of numbers. Your website should include your business name and your website URL should be short and relevant to your brand, or relating to your industry and location.

Use Social Media

Social media is not just for showing your vacation photos. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn provide a great way to make connections and to introduce yourself and your business to prospective clients and contacts. These social media sites offer advertising opportunities that allow you to connect directly to the people you’d most like to reach.

Keep in mind that social media is dynamic and constantly changing. If you make the decision to use it, you’ll want to keep up to date and active. Post frequently and make sure that what you’re posting is interesting and relevant to those who you would like to read it. It’s best to keep the press releases and self-promotion to a minimum.

Harness the Power of Mobile

Many consumers are leaving their computers behind for the convenience of the mobile devices. In the case of bail bond businesses, it’s even more likely that this is how prospective clients will find out about your business.

Beginning later this year Google will formally give search engine preference to companies that are optimized for mobile use. If you’re not optimized for mobile use in the near future than your placement on key Google results will suffer.

Make Personal Connections

The world may be increasingly digital, but there’s often no substitute for a face-to-face introduction or meeting. A personal marketing strategy takes more time and effort. They’re certainly not accomplished in a few keystrokes. But while everyone else is looking down at their phones you can stand out by looking up and shaking a few hands.

Develop a Search Strategy

When you do go back online, one of the surest ways to generate attention is by mounting a paid search campaign. Those are the search results that you see on the top and to the side of search results. However, since you are paying for every click you get, make sure that you are attracting clients and not just browsers.

One of the best ways to connect through Google search is to combine the power of paid advertising with unpaid or organic search results. Research and develop a strategy that will ensure that over time you show up on the first page of results for common search terms most likely to be used by clients. The money that you put into the paid ads will more than pay for itself in a relatively short period of time.

Your best bet for coming up with a killer marketing program is to combine tried and true marketing practices with new digital techniques. Using the best of both worlds will enable you to stand out from your competitors and create new opportunities.

Start today and see how quickly you can bring in new business!

Paul Faust is Vice President of Business Development at RingBoost, a nationally recognized marketing company focusing on providing vanity phone numbers to businesses. Paul can be reached directly at [email protected] 

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