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How Bail Bondsmen Can Effectively Promote Their Bail Business

  • June 12, 2018
  • by Bail Bonds Network
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Bail bondsmen operate in a unique industry; one where normal marketing methods don’t always work. While standard marketing is always useful for a business, it isn’t the most optimal solution in the bail bond space. Finding new business isn’t as effective with standard advertising methods like TV, radio, and print advertising. For most people, needing the service of a bail bondsman is a very rare request, or so we all hope. Having regular advertising via normal channels can be extremely expensive and most of the ads will be tuned out as they don’t apply to the recipient, at least at the time of hearing or viewing the ad.

What we need in the bail industry is timely advertising and a way to get in front of motivated customers who need our service. Consumers typically do not recall an ad they saw when there was no connection or need for that service. So what do most bail bondsmen do to combat this issue? Outside of local listings with relevant legal and county entities, they most often make their presence felt online. A challenge with online advertising is the cost often associated with it. Rates vary from market to market, with costs as high as $35-75 per click in certain parts of Los Angeles. Smaller markets that are less competitive see rates around $5-10 per click in most cases. While it’s relatively easy to get listed for paid search advertising, it’s often expensive and most bondsmen do not have the resources to analyze search data, costs, and can’t effectively optimize their search campaigns. To avoid enormous costs that can’t be maintained, it’s recommended to work with a third party that can help optimize campaigns.

In reviewing the leading ad spenders per market, we often see a lot of rotation and participation drop-out. It’s a sign that many bondsmen cannot maintain a consistent online strategy, mainly because things become too expensive. It’s a constant rotation and drop-off from bondsman to bondsman as they lose the ability to maintain their profit-to-expense ratio.

A reputable source such as AboutBail can assist with marketing strategies and execution when it comes to a online marketing. AboutBail is a network of bail agents that offers a valuable backlink to your website and lead generation. Think about it this way - you can either start on your own and throw random search ideas at a wall hoping something sticks, all while using valuable marketing dollars - or, you can start off with an established network that is better positioned to generate leads. A professional can help you find the sweet spot and turn your campaign into a long-term profitable strategy. As previously mentioned, you don’t want to be part of the group that gets in and quickly drops out because you can’t figure out a way to turn your ad campaign into profit.

A new method for bondsmen being introduced to the marketplace is called Pay Per Call. Bail Bonds Network is one of the leaders in this space as they are one of the first to do this in the dedicated space for bail bondsmen. A Pay-Per-Call model is essentially what its name suggests - you pay for qualified calls that you receive. A well designed Adwords Pay-Per-Click campaign will convert around 25-50% of the clicks into actual calls.

The benefit of a Pay Per Call campaign is that you only pay for the calls you receive. It’s much easier to track and to determine the true cost of the campaign. This can be an option for those who are looking to tackle things themselves and need a simpler way to track costs of an acquisition or lead. The campaign can be targeted to specific states or counties in order to target the desired audience.

Moving to more localized, offline promotional methods - bail bondsmen that have success long-term know how to connect with important groups locally.

  1. Bail Bonds Associations
  2. County Bail Board
  3. Local Lawyers
  4. Jail / County Resources
  5. Religious Leaders

Relationship building is key. By being part of the local bail association, you can meet other bondsmen and industry leaders. Most states have county-level regulations and it’s difficult for a bondsman to dominate an entire state. Creating relationships with other bondsmen will result in more leads for your business. We often get calls for areas we don’t service. An extremely effective way to generate more leads is to call other bondsmen in the state and offer to send leads to each other if a caller comes from an area they don’t service. Essentially, you are creating a small list of bondsmen you know and feel confident referring, and they will do the same for you. You are helping the person in need while generating business for each other.

Counties often have a bail board where they want a bondsman to be the expert. Taking this seat allows you to be a leader in your market - it often results in more business, a better reputation, and gives you a step forward in having the latest industry information when it comes to regulation that may impact you.

Local lawyers are a great source for bail leads. In fact, some lawyers write bail themselves but that is not always the case. Can you get on their preferred bondsman list so they can refer their clients to you, or directly use your service?

Jails and county websites list bondsman information in some counties. If this is an option, discuss with the county what you can do to be part of such list.

One effective, yet less used, method to gain more business is to work with local church leaders. Be open about what you offer and how you’re willing to help those in need. Are you able to offer a lending hand - whether it’s consultation for those in need or maybe a more generous payment plan for those part of the community? Work with these leaders as they often hear of difficult stories families are experiencing, and they may point those in need your way.

Various strategies exist in the online and offline space when it comes to growing your bail bond business. It’s best to explore all options, from listings with AboutBail, premium search listings, to creative offline marketing strategies. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and commit time to all strategies to determine what works best in your market.

Bail Bonds Network is a leader in Pay Per Call marketing for bail agents. Questions about this advertising model can be directed to Bail Bonds Network via their Bail Advertising and Contact page.

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