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8 Ways for Bail Agents to Use Twitter for Business

how to use twitter for bail agentsTwitter has become more than a marketing tool for businesses worldwide, and bail agents are also beginning to jump on board the social media train. Twitter allows you to network, learn, market your bail agency and more, and it's all free. Chances are good that your clients, employees, competitors and fellow bail association members have Twitter accounts, so this is your chance to connect with them or learn what they have to say. If you're wondering how tweeting can benefit bail agents, here are eight ways.

  1. Market your business
    With a little effort and some creativity, you can use Twitter as a free marketing tool to influence the bail industry and attract potential clients. You can customize your Twitter account by using your business name as a handle, and by using your bail agency's logo on your Twitter page's display.The content you tweet is also marketing material, but you need to be creative and selective about what you tweet (see tip #8). Simply tweeting "XXX Bail Bonds provides 24/7 service" is not an effective way to promote your bail agency because people will not follow you online.

  2. Network with influential people
    Follow influential people in your community and engage them in online conversations using direct messaging. Connect with other relevant influential businesses such as local attorneys and start conversations with them. If you are creating a professional online presence, you have the capacity to convert online conversations to actual business.

  3. Share information about bail skips
    Share information about wanted people or clients who have skipped town. With the lightning-fast capabilities of Twitter to share information, the person you're looking for might be located more quickly.

  4. Exchange legislative news or industry news
    Is there legislation or news looming in your state that would affect bail agents? You can share it with others via Twitter, or learn about it quickly by following people who tweet bail-related news often.

  5. Conduct market research
    Follow your local competitors to see what they are saying. It never hurts to know what other local bail agents are up to, and how they are using Twitter for business.

  6. Drive traffic to your website
    If you regularly post blogs or videos on your bail agency website, you can bring visitors to your website by linking to that content on Twitter.

  7. Learn about bail trends
    You can search for trending topics on the platform - for example, people in your area talking about bail - and you can also send direct messages to people. Follow indemnitors so you can see what they're talking about online. In a sense it's another tool to use like Facebook where you can keep track of what people are doing.

  8. Share information your clients or potential clients want to know
    Consider which information your clients or potential clients might be interested in reading, then tweet fairly regular on those topics. One example is DUI checkpoints for the weekend in your area. Think outside the box to provide intriguing information and build a following of potential clients.

Do you use Twitter for business? Feel free to include your Twitter handle in the comments section below and tell us how you use the social media platform. You can also follow AboutBail on Twitter at

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