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10 Signs Your Marketing Efforts Aren't Working

bail agent marketingAs the marketing world shifts from print advertising to the web, it’s hard to predict what will bring your bail bond agency success. Maybe you’re not sure if your social media, newspaper ad, or direct mailing is worth the effort and cost. Fortunately, when your company’s marketing efforts aren’t working, there are usually some pretty clear signs. 

Here are 9 common symptoms of an unsuccessful marketing strategy:

  1. Your clients only come from one source. It’s important to ask new clients how they heard about you, and if they all come from one source you need to look into that success. Once you figure out what’s caused the response, incorporate that into the rest of your marketing strategy. 
  2. No one’s sister’s friend’s cousin is coming to you. Even against digital marketing, social media, and online advertising, word-of-mouth is the fastest and most effective way to get new clients. If your customers aren’t recommending you, it might be time to refine your customer service techniques.
  3. You don’t show up in a web search. Take a moment to search for your current city and ‘bail bonds’. People usually search for bail bonds by location, so if you’re not in the results for ‘Denver bail bonds’ thousands of potential customers don’t know you exist. If you don’t know how to improve your web presence or have questions about how to show up in a location search, contact AboutBail and ask about Lawgical Local.
  4. Your website is dated. A bail agent website that is dated is less likely to show up in search results and more likely to make people wonder if you’re still in business.
  5. Your profits haven’t increased. Businesses market themselves to gain exposure and get more clients and income. If your profits haven’t increased or have taken a dip it’s time to rework your strategy.
  6. You’re investing more than you’re making. If you’re advertising on a billboard, the ad should bring in enough clients to more than cover the money that you spent.
  7. You’re not meeting your goals. It’s important to set goals that are realistic and measurable, but if you’re not meeting these goals you may need to take some time to analyze why your plan isn’t working.
  8. You’re not setting goals. If you don’t have a plan for how you would like your business to grow, then your marketing plan is not effective. You need to have standards to measure success over a reasonable time period. An example of a marketing goal would be to increase sales by 10% over a six month period, or increase your Facebook business page likes by 25% during the holiday season.
  9. Your plan doesn’t evolve. If your current marketing plan has increased your profits and brought in more clients, you have a great base, but you can always improve your strategy. Whether it’s resubmitting your company to a local search engine, updating your website, or running a food drive, you should always look for new ways to get your name out. If you’re not looking for the next way to increase your profits, you’re marketing efforts might stall in the future.

You don't necessarily need to scrap your ideas if your marketing efforts aren't working. If you’re not getting social media interaction, refine your posts. If you have an ad in the local paper, move it to a section that might get more results. Remember, getting results can take time, and trial and error is part of the process. Successful marketing can take a lot of effort, but when a steady stream of clients is coming through the door it can be worthwhile.

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