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Networking: A Powerful Bail Agent Marketing Tool

Bail Agent NetworkingWhether you are introduced to someone new at a holiday party or while volunteering at a canned food drive, face-to-face meetings can be the perfect opportunity to market your bail agency. With a smile and a firm handshake you can educate the people you meet about your profession, and even share what sets your agency apart from others. Networking gives the potential client an immediate idea of who you are, what your business values are, and whether or not they can trust your business.

You never know when you're speaking with someone who may be arrested in the future or has a loved one or client in jail, so make sure you're getting your company name out there. It's important to seize opportunities, and the easiest way to pitch your business is to answer the question, "So, what do you do for a living?" And it's always helpful to have business cards, a professional attitude, and willingness to share your experience.

Here are a few more tips about how to make the most of each networking encounter:

  • Know what you will say. Have a well-rehearsed and concise summary of your business and the benefits of hiring your bail agency prepared. While you want to share details about your company, you don't want to be too long-winded.
  • Practice professionalism. A firm handshake, good eye contact, and repeating the person's name can go a long way. Make sure you are being positive, professional, and friendly.
  • Swap contact information. This comes in handy in all cases, whether it's a criminal attorney or just a friendly community member. And if that person ever needs a bail bond agent, hopefully they'll have your card handy.

Networking opportunities present themselves in many forms - from industry-specific events to chance meetings. Here are some potential networking opportunities that can establish future business relationships:

  • Network with criminal attorneys
    It's important to network with criminal attorneys as much as possible. With recidivism being high among arrested persons, criminal attorneys can be a great source of regular, repeat business.  Even if a criminal attorney already has a preferred bail company you can still build a professional relationship in case they decide to try a new company in the future.
  • Attend association events 
    State and national associations are a great way to network with other professionals. Association events enable you to share the latest legislative news, technology tips, business advice and more with your peers. It's an educational opportunity that also gives you the chance to bounce ideas off of other professionals and learn from their experience. Make sure you exchange business cards in case you need assistance with a bond in another state.  
  • Attend community events 
    Getting involved in the community can be a great way to get positive exposure and meet potential customers. With the holidays coming up you can volunteer your time or make a community donation to get some positive publicity and meet other community members. When attending community events, be sure to have something to hand out that has your business name, contact information and website.
  • Related events and meetings
    Whether it's a hearing that could affect your profession or a debate over a potential legislation change, attending related events and meetings can help you establish yourself as a community leader within your industry. At these events you can help push for legislation changes, educate your community, and establish important connections with political figures, attorneys, and anyone else who might need a bail bond in the future.

Whether it's a sporting event, airplane flight, or chance meeting on the street you should always be prepared with marketing handouts, professionalism, and a well-rehearsed introduction to your business.  Remember, you never know who might need a bail agent, and if you maintain a positive and helpful image hopefully these chance meetings will bring in some new business. 

Chances are that you've been networking for years, but it's a skill that requires years of practice for some people.  Keep these tips in mind as you continue to refine your networking methods. And feel free to do a little networking with the staff from the next time you see us at an industry event!

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